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Our Big Game Awards will be held on September 27, 2025.

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Want to know where the largest whitetail deer, black bears and elk are taken in Pennsylvania. This is the complete official listing of all trophy big game animals taken in the Keystone State. Visit "The Outdoor Shop" on the PGC's website at www.pgc.pa.gov or call 1-888-888-3459 to order.

PA Records


Two black bears that once roamed the fields and mountains of Bradford County were recently accepted into Boone & Crockett's 28th Big Game Awards program. The largest of the two was taken in Ulster Township in 2011 by Jeff Fassett of Ulster. Jeff's bear scored 21-11/16 and its estimated live weight (ELW) was 638 lbs. making it the heaviest bear in our records. The previous record was a 617 lb. bruin taken by Kelly Devine in Orwell Township. Of the 763 entries in the 2013 PA Record Book, Jeff's bear ranked No. 60. by skull measurement.

The second B&C entry was taken in 2011 in Asylum Township by Matt Santiago of Towanda. That skull measured 21-1/16 and its ELW was 473 lbs. Matt's bear currently ranks 10th by skull measurement, and 21st by weight in our records, and No. 164 in the state records.

These bears are awesome trophies that exceeded the 21-0/16 minimum for acceptance into B&C's all-time Records of North American Big Game. 19-0/16 is the minimum for acceptance into our Club and the PA Record Book.

2018 Banquet

2023 Awards Banquet

Our 2023 Big Game Awards Banquet took place on September 16 at Alparon Park/Troy Fairgrounds in Troy, PA. Bradford County's biggest and most recently harvested whitetail deer and black bears, plus shed antlers were accepted into our Big Game Records.


Since 2021, 90 entries were added to our hunter-taken categories which came from 30 of our 37 townships. Archers tagged 70 animals while gun hunters took 20.


The top whitetail and black bear category entries were Evan Chesshir of Broadway, VA for a YOUTH NON-TYPICAL entry at 146-7 taken in Springfield Township; Justin Barnes of Gillett for a TYPICAL DEER GUN entry at 151-7 taken in Ridgebury Township; Peter Cantale of Bayonne, NJ for a TYPICAL DEER ARCHERY entry at 146-3 taken in Albany Township; Kyle Robinson of Wyalusing for a NON-TYPICAL DEER ARCHERY entry at 162-5 taken in Wyalusing Township; Joshua Keeney of Little Meadows for a BLACK BEAR GUN entry at 21-8 taken in Towanda Township weighing 590 lbs; Jeffery Hart of Perkasie for a BLACK BEAR ARCHERY entry at 19-7 taken in Columbia Township; and Eric Shedden of Canton for a BLACK BEAR MUZZLELOADER No.1 entry at 21-8 taken in Leroy Township weighing 455 lbs. Cody Groover of Canton put a new No.1 black bear in the FEMALE BLACK BEAR weight category at 476 lbs. which unseats the previous 403 lb. Burlington Township record taken by Brett Carman of Troy.


Congratulations to all those hunters who were part of our 2023 Big Game Awards program, and a big thank you to our Sponsors and all those who attended this celebration of Bradford County's big game hunting heritage.


Kelsey Peterson of Rome, PA shot this big Orwell Twp. buck on 11-26-2022 using her favorite 30-06. It gross scored 156-0 with a 149-7 typical net.


Kelsey Peterson

Kelsey Peterson buck. 149-7

This Towanda Township trophy taken by James Snell of Towanda gross scores 146-4 with a 136-5 net. It ranks No. 48 amongst 354 entries in the TYPICAL DEER ARCHERY category. Forensic aging confirmed the buck's age at 7.5 years old.


James Snell

James Snell buck. 136-5

The Paul Emerson buck unseats the previous record set back in 2010 by 6-1/2 inches. The rack has 12 scoreable points, with a 176-2 gross. It now ranks No. 31 amongst 2036 entries in the state record book ARCHERY category.

Paul Emerson buck. 164-5

Paul Emerson buck. 164-5

On November 30, 2019 Scott Norton of Troy shot this Burlington Twp. 17 pt. buck, scoring 174-4. It will become a New Bradford County No. 3 in the TYPICAL GUN category, and rank No. 15 in the PA Record Book amongst 1730 entries. This incredible whitetail also produced the current No. 1 entries in both the Shed Antler Single Beam and Shed Antlers Matching categories. Forensic aging confirmed the buck was 8-1/2 years old.


Scott Norton

Scott Norton buck. 174-4

Kyle Kremposky of New Tripoli, PA bagged this 7x6 Troy Township buck on November 27, 2017. The antlers gross scored 164-6 with a 150-3 net.


Kyle Kremposky

Kyle Kremposky buck. 150-3

Theron Binford III killed this 422 lb. black bear with a crossbow on October 29, 2019. At 20-11/16, it's a new No. 1 in the Archery category, and holds a No. 16 rank in the PA Record Book


Theron Binford III


Chris Radney

The Chris Radney, Franklin Township
buck taken in 2017, is the largest
archery non-typical in the county.
At 180-3, it ranks No. 27 in the
PA State Record Book
for that category.




Kyle Jackson's Springfield Twp.
buck scoring 173-0 is a new No. 2
for the Non-Typical Archery category
and ranks No 38
in the state Record Book.



Erin Wrisley

Erin Wrisley of Ulster shot this 17 point
non-typical with a 7mm-08. At 165-4,
it ranks No.8 in the NT category, and
holds a state Record Book rank of 142.




This Columbia Township buck
scoring 162-6 NT was taken by Jaydon Gardner
of Sayre. It ranks No. 2 in the Youth category,
and No. 162 in the state Record Book in
the Non-typical Firearms category.




This Troy Township Non-typical was taken
by David Aumick of Troy with a flintlock.
With 12 scoreable points, and an inside
spread of 20", it ranks No. 1 in the
Muzzleloader category at 155-2.



Jeff Wiseman

This impressive Windham Township buck
was taken by Jeff Wiseman in 2017.
It scores 164-2 and ranks No. 7 in the
Non-Typical Deer Gun category.




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