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Our Big Game Awards will be held on September 27, 2025.

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Want to know where the largest whitetail deer, black bears and elk are taken in Pennsylvania. This is the complete official listing of all trophy big game animals taken in the Keystone State. Visit "The Outdoor Shop" on the PGC's website at www.pgc.pa.gov or call 1-888-888-3459 to order.

PA Records


Two black bears that once roamed the fields and mountains of Bradford County were recently accepted into Boone & Crockett's 28th Big Game Awards program. The largest of the two was taken in Ulster Township in 2011 by Jeff Fassett of Ulster. Jeff's bear scored 21-11/16 and its estimated live weight (ELW) was 638 lbs. making it the heaviest bear in our records. The previous record was a 617 lb. bruin taken by Kelly Devine in Orwell Township. Of the 763 entries in the 2013 PA Record Book, Jeff's bear ranked No. 60. by skull measurement.

The second B&C entry was taken in 2011 in Asylum Township by Matt Santiago of Towanda. That skull measured 21-1/16 and its ELW was 473 lbs. Matt's bear currently ranks 10th by skull measurement, and 21st by weight in our records, and No. 164 in the state records.

These bears are awesome trophies that exceeded the 21-0/16 minimum for acceptance into B&C's all-time Records of North American Big Game. 19-0/16 is the minimum for acceptance into our Club and the PA Record Book.

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John's BuckThis picture of John Estep's Troy Township buck exemplifies great photography.

Let's count the ways.

  1. The picture was taken at the scene.
    It's hard to rival a picture taken at the scene of the kill before the field-dressing begins.  In most cases, the pictures aren't taken because the hunter is solo or doesn't carry a camera.  Therefore, alot of pictures end up being taken in a yard or the bed of a pickup.  That's fine as long as there is no clutter surrounding the subject.  Zoom in close and capture only the hunter and the animal.
  2. The subject is well lit.
  3. There is nothing in the foreground or background to draw attention away from the subject.
  4. No Blood!  Like all hunters, we understand that blood is a part of hunting, but it doesn't have to be a part of picture-taking.  Take a few moments to move the animal away from any blood that may show up in the picture, and carry a few paper towels in your pocket or pack to wipe the animal's face of blood.  It's not uncommon to see blood stains on antlers as a result of hunters handling the rack after field-dressing, so be sure to wipe them clean.  After all, they are the number one reason you're taking the picture to begin with.
  5. The hunter is properly dressed in the clothing required for the season.
  6. Bagging these beautiful animals can be one of the happiest moments of the year, so...be sure to smile!


Reagan Martin
Darryl Maynard
16 year old Reagan Martin of Towanda
with her Sheshequin Twp. trophy taken
in 2012 scoring 143-3.


Darryl Maynard of Gillett with a buck
taken in South Creek Twp. in 2012
scoring 146-0.




Jacob Horton
Kyle Landis
Jacob Horton or Towanda killed this Sheshequin Twp. buck with a bow in 2012 scoring 130-2.


Kyle Landis of Canton with his
late season Canton Twp. buck taken
in 2012 scoring 115-0.




Anthony Ventello
Jeff Wiseman
Anthony Ventello of Towanda tagged
this 130-2/8 inch buck with a bow
in Franklin Twp. in 2012.


Jeff Wiseman of Athens arrowed this
Windham Twp. buck in 2012
scoring 123-6.




Chris Shores
Michael Harris
Chris Shores of Towanda killed this
Sheshequin Twp. buck with a bow in 2012 scoring 135-3.


Michael Harris of Troy tagged this
Columbia Twp. trophy with a bow in 2012.
Score: 145-5




Tim Miller
Tim Miller of Sayre with his Litchfield Twp.
trophy taken in 2012 scoring 145-3.






Lenny Reed
New No. 1 in the Youth Category.
Taken by Dylan Bartholomew of Monroeton in Franklin Twp. in 2011. Score: 170-0 NT
Lenny Reed killed this buck
with a crossbow on October 30, 2010
in Columbia Twp. The antlers gross 170-4
and net 158-1. It's now Bradford County's
largest deer in the Typical W/Bow category.



Lou Bump
Mark Cordeiro
Lou Bump
Taken in Burlington Twp. in 2010
Score: 134-4
Mark Cordeiro
Taken in 2010 in Franklin Twp.
Score: 127-3



Ray Henninger Jr.
Vernon Robbins
Ray Henninger Jr.
Typical Deer W/Gun
Taken in Wilmot Township in 2008
SCORE: 147-2
Taken by Vernon (Spike) Robbins
Non-Typical Deer w/Gun
South Creek Township, 1945
Score: 177-2



Rick Jows
Paul Rineer
Rick Jows
Typical Deer W/Bow
Taken in 2006 in Albany Township
SCORE: 144-3
Paul Rineer
Typical Deer W/Gun
Taken in 2003 in Monroe Township.
Score: 142-4



Overton Township
Left to right: Jack Walsh, Sidney Hatch, David Hatch
Taken by Sidney Hatch in Overton Township in 2006
SCORE: 144-4



wall mount
Chad Reed   
Bradford County's Top Black Bear
Score:   22-11     Weight:   604 lbs
Larry Matthews
Bradford County's 6th Best
Archery Buck,    Score:  142-5



Kyle Sparling
Rodney Vannoy
Typical Deer W/Bow Category
Taken in 2009 in Troy Twp.
Taken with a Crossbow
Score: 148-4



Kyle Sparling
Charter Member Paul Sheeley (right) presenting 2008 Big Game Award for Typical Deer w/Bow to 13 year old Kyle Sparling of Columbia Cross Roads for his Smithfield Township buck taken in 2007.



Caitlin Crane
Charter Member Paul Sheeley (right) presenting 2008 Big Game Award for Youth Category to 10 year old Caitlin Crane of Ulster for her Smithfield Township buck taken in 2007.




Charles Johnson Sr.
Charles Johnson Sr.
Typical Deer w/Gun
Albany Township, 2004
Score: 140-5



Kenny Hunsicker
Kenny Hunsicker
Typical Deer w/Bow
Columbia Township, 2000
Score: 132-7



Greg Freeman
Taken by Greg Freeman
Typical Deer w/Gun
Ridgebury Township, 1993
Score: 150-4 Only an eight-pointer!




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