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14th Annual Big Game
Awards Banquet

Our 2020 Big Game Awards Banquet will be held at Alparon Park/Troy Fairgrounds on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

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Want to know where the largest whitetail deer, black bears and elk are taken in Pennsylvania. This is the complete official listing of all trophy big game animals taken in the Keystone State. Visit "The Outdoor Shop" on the PGC's website at www.pgc.pa.gov or call 1-888-888-3459 to order.


Two black bears that once roamed the fields and mountains of Bradford County were recently accepted into Boone & Crockett's 28th Big Game Awards program. The largest of the two was taken in Ulster Township in 2011 by Jeff Fassett of Ulster. Jeff's bear scored 21-11/16 and its estimated live weight (ELW) was 638 lbs. making it the heaviest bear in our records. The previous record was a 617 lb. bruin taken by Kelly Devine in Orwell Township. Of the 763 entries in the 2013 PA Record Book, Jeff's bear ranked No. 60. by skull measurement.

The second B&C entry was taken in 2011 in Asylum Township by Matt Santiago of Towanda. That skull measured 21-1/16 and its ELW was 473 lbs. Matt's bear currently ranks 10th by skull measurement, and 21st by weight in our records, and No. 164 in the state records.

These bears are awesome trophies that exceeded the 21-0/16 minimum for acceptance into B&C's all-time Records of North American Big Game. 19-0/16 is the minimum for acceptance into our Club and the PA Record Book.

Awards Banquet Raffle Trophy Quest

Trophy Quest

Milton Dodge
James Cusick's son display's
the antlers of the Milton Dodge
    buck taken in 1930 in
 North Towanda Township.
      SCORE: 180-7 NT



We're trying to track down some whitetails that were killed in Bradford County years ago and listed in the Pennsylvania Record Book. Very few people have seen these trophies and we'd like to put them in the spotlight at our annual Club Banquet. If you have any information about these individuals and their trophies, please contact us.




Clyde H. Rinehuls 1944 176-0

105 East St., Sayre, PA


Ezra Schultz 1927 169-0

Box 5, New Albany, PA


Vernon Luckey 1951 160-2

Box 36, Sylvania, PA


Earl Lee 1952 157-2

Pine City, NY


Found Dead in Rome
Found dead in Rome Township by Dewey Russell on Nov. 25, 2002
Non-typical score: 175-6

Robert Moore 1955 150-5

RR4, Dallas, PA


Archie Noss 1947 145-6

RR2, Mechanicsburg, PA



Frank Stroud 1939 145-1

Athens, PA


Robert B. Lewis 1944 141-4

RR1, Linglestown, PA


Leroy Plouse 1937 140-0

RR2, Sayre, PA


Milton Dodge 1930 180-7 NT

Owner--James Cusick

Ashley, PA



Laverne R. Park 1936 165-6 NT

Middletown, PA



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